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26th Feb 2018

First and foremost, be kind to your fellow clan-mates!!!  Friendly banter is fun but making it personal is not going to fly.  Just remember we come from a very diverse pool!!!

Participate participate participate...  Cannot say this enough.  Your participation is what keeps the clan moving along.  It's your clan, use it!  The requirement is simple, participate in at least one D2 calendar event every two weeks.  If there are no events that fit your schedule you will need to request an event.  Please give us at least three days to fulfill your request.

Do not signup for events if you do not meet the requirements!

We do not (currently) have a strike system.  If you cannot make an event you have signed up for then please have the courtesy to sign out of the event.  If you are unable to sign out please contact the host and let them know you can't make it.  If you do need to sign-out of an event please do so at least 30 minutes before event start time. Same for event requests...

Events have a start time, it's not cool to have others waiting on you to show up. Beginning 1 Feb 2019 late and no-shows will be logged. If events cancel because of no-shows you may lose access to the event calendar. Be courteous, be on time.
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Joined: 16th Jan 2018
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28th Jan 2019

Upon acceptance into the clan on you will have 1 week to get registered on our web page and into our Discord server, links for both can be found in the clan chat on our Bungie clan page. You will also have a two week trial period, if we feel we a re a good fit for each other you will be promoted from beginner to member.
Last Edit: 28th Jan 2019 by kbozzie59
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