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31st May 2018

 work in progress...

1st Encounter

From plate #1...

Full Size Image

If you stand on, touch, or jump over a plate without a ball you will become engulfed and will die in 10 seconds unless the ball is thrown to you (and you catch it or pick it up).

If your greed counter gets to 10 you will die!  You get this while holding a charged ball.

If you hit any adds while throwing the ball it will explode, this is why we stand at an elevated "catch position".

The "FIRE" location is always the top of the center pavilion.

Plate 1 charges the ball (stands on the plate) and immediately tosses it at the "FIRE" location.  Plate 4 waits for next ball and throws to #1, #1 stands on plate until it stops going up, while the plate is rising call out to the next plate plate to let them know the ball will soon be on the way, throw the ball as soon as they are in the catch position.  Once the ball is thrown you must get off the plate within 3 seconds or you will become engulfed with a 10 second countdown to death.  Continue this process 2 to 3, 3 to 4, 4 to 1 (this throw is just a Hail Mary over the pavilion to the wall behind plate #1)... Whoever has the ball when the shield drops must throw the ball at the "FIRE" location.  Once the ball has been thrown at the fire location plate 4 gets a fresh ball and tosses it to plate 1.

Repeat 2 more times to complete this encounter.

All locations help with adds while not on their plates.

If at any time during the rotation a plate shows a red flame that plate must get the ball immediately!  This will most likely throw off the rotation but could also prevent a wipe.  If this happens don't panic, we will go to a dynamic rotation for that round.


Preferred weapons:


Jumping Puzzle / Chests

Will be explained as we go.




Boss Phase One

Superior Retainer (they are the only ones that can go into space) 

Floor Plates: 
Square Plate (left) 
Circle Plate (middle) 
Triangle Plate (right) 

Space Plates (only ever activated at the same time):
L1 & L2 (assigned) 
R1 & R2 (assigned) 
2 "floaters" 

Kill initial wave of ads...

4 players stand on assigned Space Plate to build spire to space. 

Players call out if they have Superior Retainer.

One of the retainers will be responsible for scouting, arming, and destroying the ship.  This 
should be done by the least experienced team member when possible.

Scout calls what floor plate the target is at.

The player that scouted will grab next ball, charge it then stand on the  arming floor plate, one player defends. 1 each player stands on other two floor plates to open doors, remaining two players defend them. Once door opens the player holding the charged ball throws it at the target to arm the weapon. All players on ad control until next ball drops. 

New ball drops...

Again the player that scouted charges the ball while players  assigned to Space Plates stand on assigned plate. Ball holder goes up and throws ball at highlighted ship to destroy it. Kill a bunch of ads, repeat 2 more times... 


Boss Phase Two (rough draft)

Boss Kill Phase

Kill ads (especially majors)

Boss poops a ball...  All become "engulfed", throw ball to each other to 
remove engulf. Last person throws ball at boss.

Black Spawn balls crash onto space plates (orange ginsu masters)...

Similar to first phase, two ships to destroy this time. 

Only get 3 damage phases...

One player with Superior Retainer goes into space to scout the targets.
4 players stand on assigned Space Plate to build spire to space.

Scout calls which floor plates the targets are at.

Any player can grab and charge the balls to arm the weapons!  Players with
charged balls stand on arming floor plates, 1 additional player stands on
rmaining plate, remaining players defend plate holders.  Once door opens 
the players holding the charged balls throws them at the target to arm the 

All players on add control until next balls drop.  Two of the players with 
Superior Retainer charge the balls while players assigned to Space Plates 
stand on assigned plate.  Ball holders goes up and throw balls at highlited 
ships to destroy them (call what ship you each are throwing at). 

DPS Phase...

Kill a bunch of ads

Left and Right Warlock run Stormcaller for ad control during/after damage...

1st ball drops. Pick it up, charge it and start playing hot potato!

2nd ball drops. Pick it up, charge it and start playing hot potato!

3rd ball drops! Pick it up and charge it!!!  Other two ball holders with 
low greed make their way to the boss and prepare to throw at robots hand
when it glows, once 3rd ball is charged all throw balls at robots hand.

Those not holding a ball must kill ads in the ad spawn rooms!!!  Hitting ads
with the ball (R1) temporarily blinds them, use this to assist the shooter in
controlling the room and owning the ads!

Once boss shield drops shoot him!  Over and over and over...  Until shield
comes back up.

Void Sins
Void Energy
Whatever Kinetic


Last Stand

Boss throws out 6 orbs, throw all six  orbs at boss!  Each person has to
throw an orb!

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