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20th Aug 2018

Yeah should have been completed months ago.


Entire team runs to collect the first standard.  Four team members run back to home plate with standard and defend (two of the defenders should hold their supers for run to last standard), two runners to next standard (preferably with charged supers).  Kill the ads and yellow bar, grab standard and deliver to home plate (both runners to home to defend).  Two defenders with charged supers run for the third standard.  Kill Kill Kill, Defend Defend Defend, Doors Open, Castellum Done!

Preferred Classes: Roaming Supers, Nightstalker
Preferred Weapons: Anything.. Lots of adds on defense. 
Rockets, swords, Acrius, anything for Standard Reclaimers that take them down before they reach the plate.


Train the challenge rotation as the preferred strat.
Dog plate runner works ads on dog plate, ground and plate wipe up sun then come help finish up on dog.
Same scenario for cup plate...   Runners must stay at dog and cup, let plate/runner go for any revives.
Stress that team members can only touch the plates in their round only,  do not jump on dog/cup a 2nd time!
Rotation - After first round runner goes to plate, ground runs, and plate does ground.  Plate always shoots upper, ground always shoots lower and punches scion.

Preferred Classes: Nova,Golden Gun for Yellow Bars (others fine)
Preferred Weapons: Anything.. Lots of adds on defense. Something with some range to hit triangles or shoot spawning scions.

Wanna Have some fun? - Voidwalker with devour.

Royal Baths  

Train standard left side / right side rotation...
Challenge mode as you see fit for team complement (square or triangle rotation).

Preferred Classes: Bathers - Nova, Golden Gun, 
Preferred Classes: Lanterns - Sunbreakers, Golden Gun, Nova
Preferred Weapons: High Damage for ad control to not get overwhelmed while holding plates.
Merciless, (Great for bathers and lanterns) Swords, Acrius, (Bathers only). Just try to have complementing loadouts (Acrius for bathers, with sunbreaker for lanterns, etc)


Normal Mode
Six dogs, six dog shooters...
Challenge - 2 rounds of 24 (1 round of 12 at 385 power levels)

Prestige Mode
Left side kill L1, Tree, and L3 then merge onto L2
Right side kill R1, Cave, and R3 then merge onto R2
Challenge - 3 rounds of 24 (two damage rounds, kill all on third round)

Preferred Classes: Striker, Gunslinger, VoidWalker
Preferred Weapons: High Damage - Merciless, Sins of the Past / Curtain Call, or Acrius for killing your dog. Prestige - may want to have high damage for your dog and then a super for the community dog.



Easiest Strat, for those with less completions or lower light levels 
2 teams - 3 in shadow realm (left, center, right), 3 in Throne room (left, center, right) Center runs and punches scions. Less experienced players can be middle shadow or left/right throne room. 

Advances Strat - for higher skulls and higher experience - 2 throne and 4 shadow 
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4th Nov 2018

I don't know what any of this means lol
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4th Nov 2018

but I want to learn
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5th Nov 2018

I love my voidwalker with devour and then use Winters Guile gauntlets to stack damage on melee
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