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21st Feb 2018

Hello Clan, we have some changes we are going to make and want you to be aware of them.

We started this clan for a small number of people who we knew were going to be active players in Destiny and little by little the thing grew larger than we expected. The members we built the clan for are still active players when they have the time but in the process we seem to have recruited players who either don't engage or aren't active.

We understand Destiny isn't what it was but still there are members who love the game. We have taken the decision to remove some of the hangers on from the clan and recruit between 20 and 30 new really active Destiny players. If you are one of the core old IK members then you will still have a place here so don't worry, we know you love Destiny but right now is a trying time.

For those that are really active we will be recruiting new members through a thorough process which takes into consideration their activity in the game and then also by making them join one or two events with admins to make sure they are a perfect fit. We believe an injection of fresh active players is exactly what we need, they are out there, we just need to find them.

To all those who are enjoying other games and not enjoying Destiny we hope the new updates and DLC in the future brings you back. We have to remember that the issues from IK still followed us here somewhat, we have tried to liven things up with the challenges which many have liked but we have an issue with participation whether it be in Destiny as a whole or by engaging with calendar events, this is going to be our response to fix this.

We are happy with what we have done so far and believe this is the final fix the clan needs.

(Posted in Discord by mwalmsleyuk 2/9/2018)
Last Edit: 21st Feb 2018 by kbozzie59
Forum » Forums » News & Announcements
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