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What should we be doing
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Joined: 16th Jan 2018
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30th Jan 2018

or not doing? 

Share your clan ideas here...

PM me directly if you'd rather not share in public..
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1st Oct 2018

Clan tournament its be fun!!
Joined: 19th Jan 2018
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1st Oct 2018

I am not privy to why people are leaving, if I had to guess I’d say a few left because they wanted to raid and may have felt this clan wasn’t giving them that or felt that it was going too slow. No idea since no one confided in me. Justva guess. Others left because of time zones, no issues or surprise to me there.

As for what we can do, or not be doing or whatever. Sorry to say I have no answer for that, everyone seems to be helping and this game isn’t at the point D1 was where it should need tournaments or challenges. D2 is fresh with all of those things. I’ve missed a lot of time and almost feel like the mountain is too steep for me so I’m assuming it is for others as well. A lot to do, hunt and whatever in game.
Joined: 20th Jan 2018
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1st Oct 2018

I will reply. I think overall it's good. The grind for power now is not easy for working folk. I play a decent amount of hours and am only 556. Those that play even a little less will be 540ish. There will ways be the separation of those that are 600 already and the rest of us.

For me as long as we can request events everything is good. It's going to take a good while to get everyone raid ready and then trained on top of that. As long as we realize that and don't abandon training too early and have events next week that require 3 last wish completions it's all good. If the whole clan isn't going for worlds first it's going to be a slower climb but if you realize that everyone can be a contributer instead of feeling left out and giving up.

Imo keep doing what you are doing. As someone who plays as much as I can but not at all the times I wish I could, I feel you do a good job providing things to do. Maybe more weekend events would be nice but that's a small request.

Anyway, thanks for the hard work from all the admins.
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1st Oct 2018

HUDless raids, hudless hide n go seeks

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Forum » Forums » General Discussion
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